About Us

Dear Friends, I want to personally thank you for visiting our site. The story of M2 Pets actually began when I founded M2 Products LLC to imagine, design, patent and produce innovative consumer products. We began as strictly a product development company whose mission was to create elegant, durable, practical solutions to widely experienced inconveniences in daily life. Since then we have grown from designers to become manufacturers of our own products. Ideas came quickly, and a growing portfolio of patents and products has followed. We have evolved as a business and I have seperated the manufacturing business now, with the m2pets.com site focusing on Pet Care stories and blogs for our cutomers and friends while the other side of the business ‘takes care of itself’.

Jeff (US based) and Anne-Marie (based in Australia) are responsible for the running of the blog and product sales in these respective regions.

Having five brothers, two sisters, eventually growing to sixteen nieces and nephews, countless dogs, cats, birds and gerbils, not to mention our pet skunk who lived to the ripe old age of ten, allowed me to understand that there was much missing in pet product design. I can thank most recently my dog and friend “Jimbo” for making that abundantly clear! Jimbo gave me a new focus on the joys- and daily routines-of tending to our “best friends.” I sought ways to save animal lovers like you and me time and money while improving the quality of pet products for everyone.M2 Pets’ first four product lines offer simple solutions to problems that every dog or cat owner encounters: how to clean grooming brushes without making a hobby of it, how to walk or jog with the dog “hands-free”, how to limit the mess around feeding bowls, and how to wash a pet quickly and easily.More products are on the way. I hope that you will find all of them useful additions to your household and to all the joys that your pet provides.