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Keeping Your Pets Cool in Summer

Summer is the season that most of us live for but it’s not always that way with our pets. While they sure do love the extra walks, beach time and family holidays out of town, there are times when they just get too hot and you need to consider their needs too.

hot pet in summerThe most common pet that will suffer from heat related problems is a dog. They run, have long hair and don’t consider themselves or the practicalities of overheating in the way they play. But any pets can certainly benefit from the following pointers too.

Here are some timely reminders, handy tips and products that can help you keep your pets cool and sane this summer:


Pool to cool off

If you are living in the suburbs and have a back yard or a porch where your pets hang out it’s nice to have a pool for them to cool of in. When we say pets, we’re mostly talking about dogs in this instance. Small paddle pools are perfect, you just need to have one located in a shady location on your property, the rest will take care of itself.

Walk and play in the cooler parts of the day

The most common time for us to spend time with our pets is before and after work, generally these are the coolest parts of the day anyway. Walking long haired dogs in the middle of a sunny day can cause some heat stress so if you want to do your dog a favour, walk them in the evening or take a shady trail.


Trimming your dogs hair in the peaks of the summer months is a good way to help them regulate their body heat, especially for those with thicker coats such as Huskies or Komondors. It doesn’t have to be a designer cut, you can try it yourself or pay a professional to handle it for you.

Be careful not to overdress them

Smaller dog owners these days love to dress up their animals. This is completely understandable in the winter months, but if you need to accessorize in summer keep it simple, no coats or headware is necessary.

Water bowls positioned around the property

Any responsible owner knows to leave water out for their dog, however in a bigger property it can make sense to leave more than one in shady spots under trees in different locations so your pets can stop by for drink and not forget while playing.

Don’t leave you dogs in the car

This is the final reminder. We all know it and hopefully do it, however there are always some horrible stories that arise every summer when pets get left alone in cars for too long. A few minutes alone with a window open is acceptable, however with no air-con running a car quickly becomes an oven for a dog. In just 10 minutes on a 75 F day (23 C) the temperature inside the car can rise to 89 F (31 C).

With this simple advice in mind, go out, enjoy the time with your pet and enjoy the summer which ever part of the world you are in.

Jeff and his wife have two kids have four family pets – 2 dogs, 1 rabbit and a rat named Rodney. In his spare time Jeff enjoys golfing with his friends and he’s a beginner in competitive triathlons. His favourite movie is Reservoir Dogs and his favourite food is BBQ.